[FREE] Accessibility Tools - Perform Back, Home and Recents

have a look at this @Taifun

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and other methods required API 16

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all the answers you were giving now step by step should be part of your documentation… so if someone wants to use the extension, all information is there…


Awesome Extension !

Can you add a feature/property so we can disable split screen for our application. So users can’t use our app in split screen mode.


it is possible @themaayur but it cannot done at Runtime so, you cannot use this as a block. if i add these features then, you use my extension .Your app will work with/without Split Screen feature.

if you need this so, I can make a separate extension for you :wink:

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It would be great, if you provide the Extension :innocent:

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you have to change this to @Mohamed_Tamer

On Samsung S8, Android9 works fine. I have no idea for use but I tested it out of curiosity.


Can you add up a block for on home press and on recent press !!

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i d’t know how to used this extension . please give me demo aia :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: I don’t know what kind of permission need,
please help me.

first of all developer is suspended and for asking permission there is already a block for that and you dont need a aia just call the function and done

Thank you for making this extension .
Very good and useful.

I also disable split screen in my app

Great extension

disable home, disable menu can you add this feature ? free or paid ?

Here is a guide


Man, Kodular / app inventor is with so many great extensions that I can’t even remember them all. I have liked this topic before but I didn’t remember this extension. It will be very helpful in an app that I intend to create soon.

Congratulations and a lot of thanks for the extension

Can you help me turn off my cell phone with just one click on the button inside the app? without having to open the dialog that opens when you press the power button on your device.

@Aryan_Gupta Please, increase the API Level of the accessibility extension to at least 21. Because API Level 16 & 17 is no longer available with the new version of kodular.

OP no longer an active member in the community so don’t wait for an extension update

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