[FREE] AdMantumAds Extension [1.0.0]

[FREE] AdMantumAds Extension [1.0.0]

An extension to monetize your application with AdMantum ads.

What is AdMantum?

AdMantum is an incentive Mobile & Desktop Monetization and Promotion Platform.

Extension Properties


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OfferWall Ad

Just offerwall ad available now.

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This extension is built using Rush


Need kodular premium account to use this extension?

I don’t know.
It’s just an intent to show offerwall.

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Can you make Bangladeshi payment getaway extension please. It would be helpful.

What should we write in the section that says “Postback URL” on the website?

You can show Admantum ad without using any extension but I built it to make more easy for show and handle events.

How do you save the application without filling this screen?

bKash payment gateway extension available and I’ll share it here as soon as possible.
You can dm me to get it earlier.

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it ask for postback i dont have any idea how to create callback and use in kodular need your help.

Isn’t there a block where we can reward the user for the completed offer?

No, cause admantum not provide any adk, it’s just an intent to show offerwall ads.

Nice Extension

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Waiting for approval how much time it will take?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: