[FREE] Advanced Text Manipulation

Advanced Text Manipulation

Introducing the Advanced Text Manipulation Extension, a versatile tool designed to enhance your Android applications with advanced text manipulation capabilities. This extension empowers you to perform a wide range of operations on text, making it a valuable addition to your app development toolkit.


With the Advanced Text Manipulation Extension, you can:

  • Count Substring Occurrences: Count the number of occurrences of a substring in a text.
  • Replace Substring: Replace all occurrences of a substring with another substring in a text.
  • Remove HTML Tags: Remove all HTML tags from a text.
  • Find Matches with Regex: Find all matches of a regular expression pattern in a text.
  • Check for Prefix: Check if a text starts with a specific prefix.
  • Check for Suffix: Check if a text ends with a specific suffix.
  • Reverse Text: Reverse a text.
  • Get Substring: Get a substring of a text within a specified range.
  • Replace All Substrings: Find and replace all occurrences of a substring with another substring in a text.
  • Check for Substring: Check if a text contains a specific substring.
  • Get Text Length: Get the length (number of characters) of a text.
  • Matches Regex Pattern: Check if a text matches a regular expression pattern.
  • Remove Non-Alphanumeric Characters: Remove all non-alphanumeric characters from a text.
  • Encode to Base64: Encode a text to Base64.
  • Decode Base64: Decode a Base64 encoded text.
  • Remove Whitespace: Remove all whitespace characters from a text.
  • Count Words: Count the number of words in a text.
  • Get Nth Word: Get the nth word from a text.
  • Remove Diacritical Marks: Remove all diacritical marks (accents) from a text.
  • Count Lines: Count the number of lines in a text (separated by line breaks).
  • Get Line: Get the line at a specific line number (1-based index).
  • Join Texts: Join a list of texts into a single text, separated by a delimiter.
  • Text to Binary: Convert a text to its binary representation.
  • Binary to Text: Convert a binary representation to its text equivalent.
  • Bitwise AND Text: Perform a bitwise AND operation between two binary texts.
  • Bitwise OR Text: Perform a bitwise OR operation between two binary texts.
  • Bitwise XOR Text: Perform a bitwise XOR operation between two binary texts.
  • Bitwise NOT Text: Perform a bitwise NOT operation on a binary text.


The Advanced Text Manipulation Extension provides a variety of blocks to enable you to manipulate text effectively. Here are some of the key blocks:


You can download the Advanced Text Manipulation Extension AIX file here (V 1.0):
io.advancedtext.aix (16.0 KB).

Your support is greatly appreciated. If you find this extension valuable and wish to contribute to its development, you can make a donation here.

Example Project

Explore the capabilities of the Advanced Text Manipulation Extension by downloading the example AIA file
AdvancedText.aia (15.9 KB).

For questions or assistance, you can reach out on Telegram.

Hello fellow developers,

I’m excited to share the AdvancedText.java file with all of you. This file contains the core code for our Advanced Text Manipulation Extension, a powerful tool for working with text in Android app development. I believe that open collaboration can help us make this extension even better.

Feel free to review the code, make improvements, fix any issues, or extend its functionality. Your contributions and feedback are highly valuable.

You can find the AdvancedText.java file at this
AdvancedText.java (15.8 KB).

Let’s work together to create a top-notch text manipulation extension for the developer community. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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