[Free AIA] Code-inator

Name: Code-inator (Suggestions for names are welcome)

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated in bg

Description: It codes the readable text to an encoded form which can be read only after being decoded by the same app. Can be used for:

  1. Messaging secret things (Passwords,Pins, Plans,etc.) through a but are afraid of data leakage
  2. Just to play with your friends and keeping this as your secret code language XD



Code.apk (5.2 MB)

note: I did a little change just before exporting APK (without checking its effects). Please post if you find any :bug: BUGS or Problems

AIM: My aim was to just learn UI especially for dark mod. Criticism and suggestions are welcome.

Although the algorithm is not complex but will surely take much time to decode even for a professionals :computer: . You can try it too.


Sorry, I forgot to Thank @Ken for his LabelTools Extension.

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UI is quite good!

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Improve UI and add some good animation

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Thanks for your suggestion. Please help me to improve UI by telling how to improve as I am still learning.


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@Ansh_Anand we can’t see your evil plan it shows -

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Nice app @Ansh_Anand
But I’m not able to copy the decoded text :thinking:
Please tell me how to do that…
Rest is awesome :ok_hand:

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Double tap on the output text and copy option will display.


It worked​:+1:
But I advice you to add an option…

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Only Perry Can see it.

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Definately. I’ll add it in next update. Thanks.


When i Press Decode after Code.

if we click on Decode without any text.

And with Empty Input if i Press Code it generates Random 2 Characters.

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You have to put the generated code in the top box. In order to decode not the simple text
Plz try and update me about it.
Looks like there is a bug

Don’t know why this -

Edit - Evil Plan was Leaked.
We Need to Hide it.

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One more try Addylin to Code
Then Decode it

A random number is added Before Addylin in Decoded Text.

That’s the secret number. :joy:
Well I’ll look into into.
Thanks for informing. We need more people like you

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Did anyone said bugs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Aaaahhh my secret code list is getting exposed infront of my eyes

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Evil plan Exposed Again.

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Apart From Bugs.

You should change Status Bar Color.
It’s not matching the whole theme.

You can rethink on Button and Text colors.

You can use a more powerful synonym of Code and Decode.

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