Free AIA | Dynamic Image Slider Without Using Any Extension with Airtable Database

What is the name of your app?

Dynamic Image Slider

Describe your app:

  • Its a basic image slider,
  • image can be changed from Airtable database,
  • max 5 images can be uploaded.


App Store/Download link:

CardImageSlider.apk (5.9 MB)

AIA file (Open Source)

ImageSlider.aia (16.4 KB)
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If you want to add more features in this then you have to do it yourself. Coz its open source & you get the AIA for free - ENJOY


And after a little labour I have recreated Image Slider but this time it works on MySql.
Here is AIA file:

So before you download AIA file I would like to suggest this tutorial:

Note: Download link is not direct download link:grin:


Nice look but if this images slide goes automatically it will look better… And having professionals style.

Yes that will give a pro look to the app

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the way i make this slider will not support auto sliding. because you cant add auto slide option in vertical scroll arrangement.

You can check this for auto change images.


this video is not what i am looking for… i am using horizontal arrangement, not canvas.

Thanks a lot for aia​:grinning::heart:


I want cardview auto images slide not in the canvas we already know about that… If you can make cardview auto slide tell us. How to do that.

You can try Colin tree image slider extension… But it has some bugs I think.

What kind of size do the images of the slider have? They are a good size.

i dont remember, i think its 1080p . you can download the image from aia file

Very Good!!!

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