(free aia)How create custom gird view data

its a simple logic with only 1 dynamic card view not by 3 dynamic card and also without any extention not much and complex blocks… (colum 1) (colum 2) (colum 3) are same blocks just variable change…
By this method u can arrange data in custom rows/colums…
u can edit (aia) and make it more perfect…
sample apk gridview with auto data arrange.apk (5.4 MB)
sample aia gridview_custom_data_arrange.aia (8.0 KB)


video how work


@annaschawdhary157, it is really nice. The way in which you have done it without an extension is amazing.

Keep koding.
All the best.

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Can you please change the category to resources.

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Btw, Noice

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Nice guide @annaschawdhary157 :+1:t2:

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can u create an extention grid view by this logic?

which category…? i dnt understand ur point of view

This is not a guide you are giving a resource i.e. the aia so set the category to Resources.