[FREE AIS, AIA] Ultimate UI Design | Login & Sign In Project!

Hi everyone!! :slight_smile:
Today i will show to you a ultimate login & sign in UI (.ais, .aia avaible!)
I spend one week to this project but finally its finished perfect.


Login Screen:

Login Screen 2:

Login Screen End:

Sign In Screen (Create Account):

Sign In Screen (Create Account) 2:

Sign Screen (Create Account) End:

Finally! The Main Screen:

Advice: You can add a database or dictionary system in ‘Login’ and ‘SignIn’ screens to recognize the user correctly.

The main screen writes the your name automatically.

Yes. The all mistakes you’re saw on the images are fixed! :slight_smile:

aia: LoginSignUI.aia (202.1 KB)
apk: LoginSignUI.apk (5.6 MB)

Login Sceen ais:
LoginSignUI_Screen1.ais (7.8 KB)

Sign In Screen ais:
LoginSignUI_SignIn.ais (8.8 KB)

Main Screen ais:
LoginSignUI_Main.ais (4.7 KB)

Thanks for reading!

You can download or copy my project but please don’t publish on Kodular Community because already published by me. I have Copyright in this project :slight_smile:

Have A NICE Day From Ege!


change textbox background color to screen background color. It will look good

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That you can do this. And it s an beta version now.

looks good

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