[FREE] Auto Label&Button Font Size

Auto Label And Button Text Size Extension
Release date: 2022-12-27T22:30:00Z
Update Date:2023-01-02T21:00:00Z
Current version code : 2


Hello every one. Today I introduce my first public extension. Auto font size for labels. Through this extension, font sizes of your labels automaticly change. so you can make designs without having to guess the lengths of string values from your users.

p.s. It supports buttons as well.

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  • Set Auto Font Size With Configuration
    Custom set with granularity
    label~ component
    minFontSize~ int

  • Set Simple Auto Font Size
    Simple setting
    label~ component

  • Set Auto Font Size With Preset
    Set auto font size with list
    label~ component
    list~ YailList

  • Use -1 to cancel setting or to center your text in layout:

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    Download V1:
    AutoTextSize.aix (797.5 KB)
    Download V2 (Size Reduced greatly):
    AutoTextSize.aix (49.3 KB)


    download link ?

    get it :point_up_2:

    done Good Work :partying_face:

    That was good one. But may i know why the size is 790+ kb?

    Nice plugin. Good luck.

    because it uses a large library required for devices with api level lower than 26

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    This is good work really @Numan

    Good work