[FREE] Baserow Socket Extension - An Extension for real-time collaboration with Baserow

Every time you are making kodular works simpler… Great work. All the very best @Sumit1334


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Great job. Did you post about this on the baserow community also?

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Not Yet. I messaged bram yesterday on baserow community for some questions related to it. But he hasn’t visited the community from yesterday

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We can’t send data??

Epic work @Sumit1334 u have done a very great job now this can be an alt of firebase too :heart_eyes:

Usage is already posted above. I think it’s enough to understand it​:slightly_smiling_face:. Post if you have any doubts.

There are Rest APIs available for sending the data. It’s not like firebase completely. Send the data with rest API and use this extension to receive the real-time changes.

You must refer to the Baserow Docs once : Baserow Docs


Nice extension :+1:


Great Work @Sumit1334 :+1:


Extension has been uploaded to getaix.com now.
You can find any version of the extension and all block’s documentation here :

Thanks @Jerin_Jacob for this wonderful platform.


Never tried baserow earlier, but after this, will certainly use it.

Quick question, can we subscribe to multiple table ids at the same time? is it possible to subscribe to the project itself so indirectly subscribe to all table changes in the project?


and thank you very much for this extension.
I am excited to see the educational videos on this topic

Did you read the baserow docs that I posted above?


Maybe if any youtuber is interested then he/she can make a tutorial of it.

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it will be better if we can subscribe row. In a table there was lot’s of data. if we can subscribe row then it will be more better.

Another great extension @Sumit1334 :+1::+1:

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We could not subscribe any other page except table. I already posted the baserow documentation in above two post. Baserow will add other pages in future updates. I could not add it before the baserow add it. Also, when your row is updated then Row Updated event is triggered with thr row ID.


Can you make a tutorial video for this extension please? :pleading_face:

Where can I find a URL?

Great Work @Sumit1334
But are you sure that UpdateRow block is working ???
The block returns a response but it does not affect the DB table

Those are the blocks that explain what I’m saying @Sumit1334

UpdateRow block does not work to update multi rows at a time. You are using lists for name and value parameters. So remove make a list block from parameters and use strings like this.


As you are using Baserow extension so next time post here :

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