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Hello, I am making an APP and I need to take each data in the column, but when receive the results come the all date in the row that have the name of filter. How can I take each data the row?

based on your blocks, this block will return the last data

here use one loacal or global variable to print the index 2 items and then print the variable into the label

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I get row data and need to split received data in many labels and I tried this block and not applied.

this is wrong… first you need to convert into list (just interchange the blocks)

Thank you for your support :rose: :rose: :rose:

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Can you explain it in English

Please provide documentation for GotSheet. For variables are returned, namely:

total rows

What is data type for each and what do these values represent?

Does ‘data’ contain everything in the sheet? And in what format? As a dictionary or what?

Also, an example code snippet on how to parse/use data would be much appreciated.

in Advance google Sheet Extension
Output Response Everything Explain in Details
code int
msg string
data string
total rows int
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Parse Data String by using these blocks


I used your blocks arrangement for getting data in Label component from google sheet (using your provided .aix for google sheets). I got full column data in single Label. I will feel more obliged and thankful, if you could tell me the way I can get the data of only one cell in one label, and with next button, second cell data in second label and so on. Not in a list, but navigating with Next Button. Thanks

get list item position by list index block

first add sheet id and google sheet is in viewer mode

Hi ,
plz how to select UNIQUE in col A.

how to give a segmentation sign like a | in every columns in show , ex :
1 | Michael | Minesotta
2 | Klose | Newyork

an how to delete ( and ) in show , ex :
(1 Michael Minesotta) become 1 Michael Minesotta


I am using the Query tool.Now what to do if I want to pass a variable defined in the app inventor as the condtion
For eg, inQ2 condition is B=Label2.Text
how to implement this

B=‘Label2.Text’ text in single inverted comma.