[FREE/PAID API] Advance Google SpreadSheet Extension with SQL Query

I am trying take just the version and applink as variable, but no sucess, My ideia is check is version is actuall, if no, downloading by link.
Can I help me?

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in Get Columns, Apply Filter or SQL Query columns as A,B,C…
Get Cell or Update Cell or All other functions work with Title as Column Name…
AiA file Update in Post use AIA for Testing with your API key or Sheet ID…


Single Cell Support String with Special Characters / Regional Language or Also Support List Values and Get Back Cell data and Convert them in List View by Json List Block


I would like get the version in Sheet, and if than more, the aswser will be yes, and will give the link to download new version by apk

I will test with aia now.

App Update Blocks

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How to Create Google Sheet Query and Test in Google Sheet
if Return Correct data than use it in Extension and Save your Time.

in Full Query only Green Text Query used in This Extension…
Like => SELECT * WHERE …

Google Sheet Query Full Lecture Playlist Here…

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Thankyou so much, its possible ths in the free version with no power of SQL?

In free version you can’t secure your sheetdata it’s open to all any one can view your data by using your sheet I’d and in free version update data is not possible easily.

Thank you very much

thank you very much , Rely it is Great

Parse JSON as Local or Global Variable its Offline and Extract Data in Millisecond.

its Compatible with Get Sheet, Get Range, Get Columns, Apply Filter, SQL Query.

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Upcoming Blocks

if you want any other block than tell us…

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Amazing… you rocking regarding gsheet and all of its relevant functions…

All the best and thanks for supporting the community…


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How can I get the data from the table and pass it to the GoogleMaps Markers component, so that it shows me the points? I’ve tried but still nothing to be able to adjust, I managed to pull it from firebase in json, but not in a table, would you kindly have a tutorial? I’m using the GoogleSheet extension

I have no idea how GoogleMaps Marker Components works.

How can I call A data into List view in order from bottom to top?

use query and in the end of query just add this “desc”

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I can’t send you a private message.

sort by Time Column in Descending Order: B DESC

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