[FREE / BETA] Image Slider extension : Slide Images like a pro!

Suggestion ;
Add timer in extension like img1 will be visible for fixed time and time completed img2 will be visible after that img3 will be visible. Once timer completes on img3 then Imageslider will be dismissed/hide.

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well just so you know that @UnknownBeast is suspended @ramrajput200021

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For autoslide you can use this


Didn’t know but thanks for telling.

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Awesome Extension !!
But I Have Doubt
Does It Load Only # images or Caption or title ??

it loads all together but only three images

I don’t know what happened, but for me the extension didn’t work. :cry:

what about providing a screenshot of your blocks as well as the Android device and Android version you are using for your tests?


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this extension should work on all versions

I used it the same way as it is in the “Sample Block”. I used it on an emulator with android 7 and used it on my phone with android 10 and still had the same result. I downloaded the photos and put them in the assets and still nothing happens.

try adding a full path or a uri of image

I tried both ways and it still didn’t work, if you can make a .aia to do a test that would be perfect. Actually I did “same” to yours and nothing happened.

This Is only a beta tested extension.

Use this for more functionality and compatibilità.

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Show your blocks

At this moment I don’t have the blocks anymore, but as I said before. I did it the same way you posted and still nothing was happening.

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Uploading: K.png…

[quote=“RudraFromIndia, post:36, topic:108628, full:true”]

Show your blocks

Dont work here too…

You can try with Dots Extension.
@Vendauto_Veiculos , @Victor_Ken


Its not working.

Well, I discontinued aix, i will come soon wit a better solution

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