[Free] Button Effects Extension

English Translation from Arabic:

Thanks darling for the compliment and compliment

Could you please share a example code

well i dont think we need a example code its pretty easy to use


Thank you. Keep koding!

Does this extension work in Kodular because for me its not working


the arrangement design is a different extension i think because this extension is only for button where did you that extension?
but still there is a extension to do the thing you want -

I think you used it wrong, try to put the green block on top of the purple block, I’m sure it will work

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someone helps me with an example aia? does not work in appinventor?

Apparently it expects a Horizontal Arrangement instead of Vertical

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So it works with horizontal arrangement only??? and @Salman_Dev it didn’t work even after setting the blocks the way you said.

hey @zainulhassan if extension is not working for you use this - [Free] Enhance Extension to create stylish card views

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Greetings, an example to fill the extension

I hope you don’t take my comment away. I’m probably putting the wrong name, but I would like some help. I remember that there is a notification almost like that with success and failure, could someone send me the link

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search - Search results for 'notification category:5' - Kodular Community

Hello, this comment is more than anything to make a recommendation.

In the createButton function there should be all the parameters to create the button, and not as you previously have it as properties.

I will show an example of a function!
Thank you for your contribution to the community.


How to align Button Extension in middle/center? Bez there is no alignment option

Try to set Horizontal Arrangement’s HAlignment and VAlignment to center

Not working, I have retried still its aligned in left top

Set also Screen’s HAlignment and VAlignment to center and see if it works

when i enter color in the block
Runtime error unknown color