[Free] CalendarToolsExtended Extension

Hello Kodular Family Members…

Being as a member in kodular for almost an year, I would like to share my very first extension
(My sincere thanks to @devcafeofficial , :pray: :pray:) for helping me from the beginning,as i was zero in java, and now i come with useful to those who love to make or use calendar in their app…

Components of the Extension


Working Part ( I hope no more explanations are needed)


No Real components are used

I Should thank @yusufcihan for his wonderful Dynamic component extension…

It accepts only number, do not use any kind of date format:
No Libraries or Permission used or requested…

Based on my extension, i have created a small app and whose apk too attached at the end…

Extension : CalendarToolExtended.aix (6.1 KB)

AIA : SimpleViewCalander.aia (54.5 KB)

I have created a small calendar app with the help of my extension, and the screenshots are attached below…

APK: SimpleViewCalander.apk (5.3 MB)

[i have trid to construct the dynamic components in a new way…Pls see to that…

More features will be added to the extension., soon…


Well done. Since this is posted in #extensions you should post also the extension


oh sorry mam, I missed it seems… adding…

extension added at the end of the post…


I’m so happy for you to taking 1 more step ahead in this community. You’ve already done so much for this community. I’m sure, this small step is just a beginning in java/ext development towards the big ones. Keep leaving the footprints behind so others can walk on them to follow you around.
Big hands for you :clap:

You always amaze me, that’s true


Great extension :blush:

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Just Fantastic Extension with simple blocks

Keep it up :+1::+1::+1:

I wish i could also make my first extension someday

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Excellent … very useful extension :heart:

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How to fix it

Pls adjust the width of the label…

You can set buttons width as screen width /8 and disable card view