[FREE] Chat GPT and Dall-e Openai API

ChatGPT Extension

Hello folks, today I’m here with a ChatGPT extension to help you integrate the powerful OpenAI’s all language model into your apps. With this extension, you can easily send prompts to ChatGPT and receive responses generated by a state-of-the-art language model.


Send a prompt to ChatGPT.

Generate Image with Dall-e

Received a responce from Dall-e

Received a response from ChatGPT

Report an error with a custom message

Example with GPT chat

Example with GPT Dall-e

Advanced example of using the extension

Aix Details

Size: 15.7 KB
Package: io.kodular.chatgpt

AIX file

io.kodular.chatgpt.aix (15.3 KB)

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AIA file

ChatGPT.aia (167.5 KB)

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Donor support
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thank you for your contribution!
please follow the naming conventions

also the name Extension in the package name of an extension does not really make sense…
therefore let me suggest to rename the extension from ChatGPTExtension to just ChatGPT


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Modifications made successfully!

Unfortunately still not following the naming conventions

I fixed! The fixes are in the attached .aix.

Please update the screenshots, too
Thank you


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hey there i downloaded the aia file and loaded and put my own api key in. the following "The operation convert an alist to a dictionary cannot accept the argumentsconvert a list, i did not change anything else.

See what is being returned in the event output. I tested it with my Premium and Free account.

It gives error and doing nothing.

Vm Check your access permissions