[FREE] Circular Animation Extension

Short description

This extension is used to create animation in the form of a circle also known as reveal effect!

Picture of Blocks

Component - The component to which the reveal effect is to be shown
x - the x-axis value co-ordinate from where the reveal effect will be shown
y - the y-axis value co-ordinate from where the reveal effect will be shown
startradius - start radius
endradius - the radius to be set when reveal effect will end
visible - after the reveal effect is completed whether the component has to be shown or not (made to be visible or not)
duration - the duration of reveal effect
Color - the color of reveal effect(unfortunately this method is not working, but i have provided an alternative for now, and will be fixed in next update)


Event Indicating when animation(reveal effect) ended

component_event (1)

Event indicating when animation(reveal effect) started


How to Use the extension

Demo Apk

Circular.apk (5.3 MB)

Download Link

com.Soham.CircularAnimation.aix (9.0 KB)

Future Improvements

The issue to set color in the block will be solved
A direct block will be added to set gravity of the reveal animation like top-left, top-right etc


A big thanks to @Mohamed_Tamer for helping me to solve the errors :blush:


Great extension @Soham_Shah

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Thank you @Alaqmar_Bohori :blush:

It good extension.

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Thank you @ashishthakoor58

Great Extension.

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For some reason I am not able to see the video. :thinking:
Edit: Tried form PC and the video is shown. Don’t know what’s wrong with mobile browser

Nice Extension. Will try it soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good work :star_struck: :star_struck:

Good work :blush:

Thank you @Vaibhav @ramrajput200021 @Kshitij @mokhlis

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A curious question — Is it similar to reveal effect? Or Is there any difference between the reveal effect and this?

Yes it is quite similar but with this extension you can also state the start point and end points, so you can also create half reveal animations or even shorter than that!

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I’ve wondered how to implement this before, thank you for making this a reality!

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Great extension :+1: It would be very useful.

Also, please follow the naming conventions :slightly_smiling_face::

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Sure will be updated for next update

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Great Extension.


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Fantastic Extension @Soham_Shah :smiley:!

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Thank you!

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