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Release Date 2021-12-29T03:00:00Z
Last Update Date 2021-12-29T03:00:00Z


Hello, everyone ! Today i release my very second extension !
Now it is possible to convert HEX colour to RGB and still get the colour name with this simple extension.


blocks (3)


blocks (3)
➜ value - input type String
Important: to avoid any kind of bug or even a wrong colour, the “#” will not be accepted and only the “first 6 digits”

Event Blocks

➜ name ~> Returns the colour name (#fa3531 - Orange Red)
➜ rgb ~> Return colour in RGB - rgb(250, 53, 49)
➜ r ~> Return colour in RED - 250
➜ g ~> Return colour in GREEN - 53
➜ b ~> Return colour in BLUE - 49



Download Extension io.viic.colorinfor.aix (6,8,KB)


Thanks @Shreyash for the super power full Rush .
Thanks @HritikR for helping me with JSON


In case there is something wrong, calm down, because it is the first time I do a documentation like this.

Note: I want to try to leave the images next to each other, if someone knows and can help me.


Hey, good job. keep it up going

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Ok Baixando…

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Nice aix :+1:
But in my opinion, you should rename the extension to ColorInfo

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Nice!! good work

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Thanks everybody :heart_decoration:

@Lucas_Souza, @zcorptecnologiabr, @Alpha_S, @dvdrothen

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