[FREE] Component tools extension

when update?

What about the layout Tools Extension, I am waiting so despirately.
I require full clickable property in Arrangements.

Please make update move x y absolute use interpolate

Can you give me aia

There’s a link in topic for download of .aia and .apk

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Spinner 3 duration not work again after kodular update

Provide aia for guidance

Is this extension compatible with AndroidX ?

When you search for androidx in this thtead there are no reports that it doesn’t work so it is kind of logical that it must work.

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Thanks for the answer, but it’s also possible that I’m the first user who got a runtime error while using this extension. So, I just want to clear my doubts by knowing whether this extension is compatible with AndroidX?

It doesn’t use any Android X related method, so yes. It’s compatible with Android X.

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Is possible like this with this extension

how did you do that i was trying and i couldn’t

Can i click on webviewer by using this extension, actually I use web viewer to play YouTube shorts but when I am playing YouTube shorts get muted by default and to unmute I have to click so I want to perform this click by using your extension but I can’t able to do it trying from last 2 days