[FREE] Dynamic Components

Dynamic Components are a series of widgets that can be created and modified using blocks. The process is simple, each widget can be created with method blocks, with unique ids. The properties of each widget are set or edited with property blocks.

What can be achieved with Dynamic Components?

There are various designs that can be created from dynamic components depending on the extensions used in the project.



  • Dynamic Arrangement
  • Dynamic Label
  • Dynamic Button
  • Dynamic Card
  • Dynamic CheckBox
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Stack
  • Dynamic Drawable

Information about the components and blocks are in a public gitbook.



:grinning: Ideas for new components and suggestions are welcome.


Well done . Congratulations for your work.
:clap: :clap:

Is it different than the kodular’s default dynamic component?

Thanks!! Yes, the components are different from Kodular components


Cris, you are amazing man. This is a lot of work and effort, definitely will check out over time and in next project :+1: :+1:

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great! is it possible for you to add the “elevation” and “shadow color” properties to the cards?

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how to delete ID ?
or all ID remove???
I didn’t find it in the help

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Thank You So Much …

can you show me the blocks, How dynamic arrangement create? or any reference video link please.

Use This Many Tutorial Available

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