[Free] [Easy Tutorial] How to create a leader board easy!

Leaderboards are a great way to maintein your users motivated! I found a really easy way to create a leaderboard using dreamlo.

First, go to dreamlo.com and click in the Get yours button

Once you click on it, you will get your private URL SAVE IT!!! As it is your dashboard

Once you have created your dashboards you will have different URLs, these are used to update your data, just copy and paste the URLs to see what happen, a short description will also appear in each line as a quick overview of what the URL does on the server side

Getting your dashboard data
Would you like to get your data as JSON,XML, Comma delimited? Well you can definitely use any URL in the next section to get your data as preferred.

I hope this helps you a lot! Cheers!

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A guide must have well formated one. The OP failed to show us how it can be used in kodular. How user can be benefited? Is it possible to read the users whole data by this service provider is missing in doc.

I beleive that after the mod approve every guide must published…

I congratulate the OP for his work but if he provide in terms of blocks it will be more benefited to one and all.

How user db can be linked with this user must suggest…

Sharing the url only wont help anyone.
What are the db can be linked woth this url must explain