[ FREE ] eFeMail Auto Smtp Sender

Sorry, I am spanish, no speak english.
By a necessity I knew Kodular, then the extensions and from there the world of java and android.
I started learning a few weeks ago and created eFeMail, which I decided to share.
This extension allows you to send emails from any email provider. It supports multiple recipients and attachments.


With the GMAIL or HOTMAIL block we can send emails without any data from the smtp host.

With the OTHER block we can send to any provider.

The addresses of the recipients must be separated by the sign “,” (without double quotes, only the comma)

If more than one file is attached, please separate them by “,”

You can use the join text block to join the parts or all in one line separated by “,”

If the debug mode is activated, all the information returned by the server will be sent to the logging blocks. By default false.

The timeout block defines the time to connect to the SMTP server. In milliseconds, by default 5000.


  • android.permission.INTERNET
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Remember that I only share what I have learned. The extension may have errors.

com.extensions.eFeMail.aix (709.9 KB)

v2 Changelog

  • Solved Problem with com.google.common.net.InternetDomainName
  • Renamed methods an event nameds. Thanks #WatermelonIce :wink:
  • Added support HTML email.
  • Sepparate event Log in success and error blocks.

Well done. Thanks for sharing

I have to try it on my project, good extension.

Nice Extension :wink:

Great work! However please kindly follow the naming conversion:

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Well, I haven’t even put a name right then! :grin: :confounded:

Thank you for the information. I will change it, sorry.

Well actually I mean the name of the method. :sweat_smile:

I had read about the nomenclature but I didn’t give it much thought.
I have to get used to working correctly.
Thanks again, I will keep this in mind for future extensions.

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Please add a block " When efemail.sent"

Added :+1:t2:

If anyone is facing issue when sending mail from the extension using gmail then please turn on less secure app setting from this link https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps?pli=1&rapt=AEjHL4P8obtV8M2nELVP6haYHiy2bg105Fbd9Xw9yDyexo5ov_bhLS8_BbShRouPawDr_mwdwM-PpnSmtGpMk6dAvK8gRhClPw it will work

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The Extension is nice and helpful :slightly_smiling_face:
But, we will have to compromise with security of our Google account for it.


First of all, I can’t go without saying this great extension and it’s free

I expect more from you and I am sure it will bring many more to the community thanks

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Great extension.thanks for your contribution. Keep it up​:wink:


You don’t have to compromise the safety of anything. You can use a gmail account created just for this, or you can use any mail provider without using Gmail.

Greetings and thanks to everyone


Thank you very much Felix, I love the extension.

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Great! Well done …very usefull :+1::sparkles:

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It’s really very useful Well done… :tada: :tada: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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