[Free] Extension OneSignalSend | Send onesignal notification from app itself | October Version 5 , Send by custom filter

@akim_akim No, I hadn’t removed it. Now I have removed it from all screens but I get the in-app notification anyway

The problem is Kodular need to implement a method to turn off receiving notification in app while app is in focus.
OnesignalSend extension helps to send notification.


Hey my app is not opening if I used this external push notification instead of kodular’s push notification.
It keeps crashing
Plz help

A query: this extension because it no longer works for me in my app? I already checked everything and it’s fine …

I think, what is it because of the SDK30 update?

New version released - version 5

Send notification by custom filters

Prior versions - version 4

Read more about version 5 and tutorial

Thank you
Jerin Jacob


Nice Very Helping Extension


Send notifications but not show my app how to work any one help me
Responce code 200 but notification not send

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What it shows in Onesignal dashboard?
And I heard that after Kodular update to latest android version, apps made with Kodular is not able to receive notification, this extension is for sending notification for receiving notification you still need the Kodular component.

This is the error,


10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: Error Getting GCM Token 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: java.io.IOException: INVALID_TARGET_VERSION 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.google.android.gms.gcm.GoogleCloudMessaging.zzd(Unknown Source:96) 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.google.android.gms.gcm.GoogleCloudMessaging.register(Unknown Source:69) 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.onesignal.PushRegistratorGCM.getToken(PushRegistratorGCM.java:42)10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.onesignal.PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle.attemptRegistration(PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle.java:97) 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.onesignal.PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle.access$100(PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle.java:37) 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at com.onesignal.PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle$1.run(PushRegistratorAbstractGoogle.java:84) 10-03 11:23:07.738 31103 31144 E OneSignal: at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:764)


@Jerin_Jacob maybe it will need GCM related libraries to be present, because We cant get gcm token without it

Hello community: changing the subject a bit. How do I stop the notification when I am in the application? Is it with this block…?

can you add high priority so that notifaction show in main notification area not in the silent in android 10+

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is onesignal component working

no its not working but I have a different admin app and my main application was build for this error in one signal, and admin app does not rely on this error

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Hello, could you solve this problem?

I found a problem like this. Is there a solution for this?


And what’s the solution if the Android Support Library Doesn’t Exist

Kodular need to fix it


Thank you for Your attention.


How to fix OneSignalSend Extension not sending a Push Notifications


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