[Free Extension] Responsive App Size Extension (Best Update V3.0)

I don’t think so
bcoz I saw that even using a percentage value doesn’t make some components responsive
Also there are components which does not use percentage (like animation utils), which makes it look different on different screen devices

fonts also look different on different devices

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@Amit_Narwal try using 5to6 times more than your font or height then it will be working proper

No Amit its the best extension available,

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Excellent extension, I use it in my main project.

But now that I’m creating dynamic components, I don’t know how to implement them.

Any ideas?

show me block image

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Let me explain, I have these blocks that generate a group of dynamic components.

How do I make the dynamic components to create adapt to all mobile devices?

You can use our extension to set some component’s width, font size, and height, etc. so just delete by default width and font-size value and use our extension there.


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how to fix this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) - Full tablet specifications

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yes like this

please use screen width with tiny db like this :point_down: :point_down:

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are you use our extension???

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Hye App helper thanku for this amazing Extension .

But I have a Question I used this in my 2 apps ya 80% working fine
My Question is when I use -2 it’s not take it properly

And -1 also(very bad ) can you help me for this ?

-2 is only for fill parant and -1 is only for automatic. -2 and -1 is automatically adjust for all devices

So we no need to ? Declare these with your Extension???

no , now i am try you aix

no, you do not need -1 or -2 responsive.

try and tell us

Why is it important to save screen width in tinyDB?

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Not WoRK PLZ Help
Test24(1).aia (784.4 KB)