[Free Extension] Responsive App Size Extension (Best Update V3.0)

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which device you use

now try this aia. this is your design problem not our extension problem.

Test24.aia (784.1 KB)

samsung galaxy tab a7 2019

Thank You Screen1 Work But Screen2 video player Not Work How To Fix

issues not solved

@Satvik_Kachhadiya most probably compiling problem is caused because you have a project within a project. If you wish post you aia to test it

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What he exact thing you’re making with that many blocks?

Heyy Thanks For Awesome Extension

I Am Using this In my main project

So I Have A Little Bit Query

So making app responsive and using your extension

My Query :

After setting volue in designer section & making that , does i have to do again customically

all the blocks again Like this For making responsive

For Making Responsive I have to set volue of all each & every blocks like this

Thanks In Advance


I have 1 Question What is the meaning of -1 and -2 tell me How to use Fill parent and Automatic solution give me

-1 mean Fill parent
-2 mean Automatic

Help me See telegram msg I need your help

it is opposite you know? -1 means fill parent and -2 means automatic


@luv.ak.tech you are confused check other examples

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The app is crashing in android 12 I have updated my device and having issues with my kodular app. The popup says: Runtime error Failed resolution of Landroid/support/design/widget/appbarlayout$LayoutParams;

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causing an unnecessary multitude of blocks. instead dividing the screen width or height as below will give you less blocks and the same view.
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You can use dynamic components beacase This problem arises from overuse of horizontal and vertical layouts