[Free] FancyGallery extension

Wonderful,Thanks @marco_tanzi

I have imported
import android.os.Environment;

This is result:
error: cannot find symbol Assets = ApplicationSpecificDirectory() + “/assets/” ;

What else do I need to import?
What a mistake am I making ?

Thanks in advance Marco.


instead use this -

public String ApplicationSpecificDirectory() {
      String a = this.context.getExternalFilesDir((String)null).getPath();
      return a;
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  • “/assets/”

Dear, can i make gallery view with local sdcard images via this Fancy Gallery extension?

See Screen 2 example method of my extension

Here there Is a method on how to load from sdcard

Translate in English,please

Good afternoon! Help me make the cache separately, it used to be loaded into a separate folder, the pictures opened from the folder where the cache was, and now it gives an error, and no longer loads the cache.
I used this extension for cache


I can’t help you.
I think only media cache extension developer can help you

Hi, is there a way to have the index of selected image?


To have the index of the photo you are viewing you can use the variable ‘number’ of the for loop you use (see examples in previous posts)
Regards Marco

Thanks Marco, if i want assign the number of the loop as caption to the picture is the right solution but my question is when i click on a picture is there a block that give me that number? The block onClick give me as result “clicked”.
Best regards

Massimo you are right, it is not possible to obtain the image index with the onclick event. You can only get it with the method I proposed to you by scrolling through the images.


Good afternoon! How do I configure this Button? When the button is pressed , the screen is black .
Help ???

no, the close button has no function, unfortunately I can’t remove it.

Very sorry, good extension

hi your plugin is giving error in an interesting way

You said endless pictures can be found, I wrote only 45 pictures but it doesn’t respond
I was going to upload a lot more but it gave an error

I upload the pictures to a site and take them to your extension via Airtable, there is no problem when there are few pictures
Ekran 555Alıntısı

my blocks

Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings in synchronization. I reduced it to 10 images.
It’s loaded, but it’s getting heavy, I guess it’s loading all the pictures at the same time

do you have a solution @marco_tanzi

While using fancy block why are you creating in loop use that block without loop

how so ??? can you explain in more detail @UnknownMan541

do you have any idea about it ???