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Hello everyone, This extension have some extra features that can help you to use firebase in a more easy way. This is a simple extension that tell you about your database changes(Not only with one block as Firebase DB component do). It have multiple blocks for identifying multiple events. You can use this extension to work with firebase dynamically.

Let see its blocks

All Blocks



  • Error Occurred


    This event raises when any error occurred. It mostly raises when firebase denied the permission to write and read.

  • TagAdded


    This event raises when any new child has been added to your bucket.

  • TagChanged


    This event raises when any tag has been changed in your bucket.

  • TagRemoved


    This event raises when any tag removed in your database. This can not be listened with native firebase component.

  • Value Stored


    This event raises when you used Store Value block of the extension and it successfully stored the value.

  • Initialize


    Initialize or create a new firebase referenced to that firebase URL or project bucket. You can change the firebase URL and bucket using other blocks.

  • IsAuthenticated


    Return true if the current user is authenticated or not.

  • GetAuthData


    Returns the Auth Data of the current user in JSON format that contains UID and token, provider of the current user.

  • Other


    These blocks set the properties of created firebase with id.

How to Use

Just initialize the firebase with desired firebase URL and project bucket and give an unique id so you can identify it later.


And the rest blocks are simple and same as firebase component So I don’t think I need to provide usage for them.

After creating the firebase you can start listening the events of that bucket.




Thanks @Shreyash for the super power full Rush .

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Suggestion and issue are welcome

Thanks you


Nice work :star_struck::star_struck:

müthiş :100: :100: :100:

Absolutely nice extension! But if you add an block for get value, it will be a perfect extension.

The “TagRemoved” event is fired even if the internet connection is down when using the native firebase “Clear Tag” block. The tag in the database is not removed (since the device is offline), but in the app the event is fired anyway.

Is there a way to fix this? and that the “TagRemoved” event is fired when the tag has really been removed from the firebase database?

My blocks: (Test with the Internet connection disabled on the device)

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Firebase works offline when app loses its internet connection. Clear tag and Tag Removed is working for offline data that has been stored to your disk by firebase.

Read here about Firebase Realtime database offline capabilities :

And is there a way to disable that (offline capabilities)? since it doesn’t make sense for the event to fire if the tag hasn’t really been removed.