[Free] Fluid Slider Extension - An extension for creating beautiful sliders in apps

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But also very nice extension i loved it :cupid: :cupid:


Nice extension :blush: :blush:
Keep up your very good work !

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Nice extension.
How about that the minimum and maximum value can be set.
For example: minValue = 50 and maxValue = 1000. Because one of the biggest problems / limitations with the Slider component is that it basically distributes 100 units over the respective interval.


How can it used there?

Thank you​:slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t understand you​:neutral_face:.


Thank you all​:grinning:

Well, AFAIK this extension has no minimum and maximum value. It has just start and end text. You can also pass string there.

It went over to my little brain​:sweat_smile:. I didn’t understand exactly. But as far as I understand, you are trying to say that slider return the position between 0 and 100 weather the min and max value are anything?

It’s very simple:

The following applies to the Slider component:
For example, if: minValue = 0, maxValue = 100
Then Slider.ThumbPosition returns the following values:
0, 1, 2, 3, …, 100 → 100 values

If: minValue = 0, maxValue = 10
Then Slider.ThumbPosition returns the following values:
0, 0.1, 0.2, …, 0.9, 1.0 → 100 values

So, as I said before, basically 100 units are distributed over the appropriate interval.

I understand you now completely. This extension returns always the value between 0-100. As the position of the thumb. If you set minValue = 0 , maxValue = 100 then it will return the same values as you said. But if the minValue = 0 , maxValue = 10 then it will also return the value between 0-100.
Because this extension is not based on min and max value as I have said earlier that you can pass the strings too. You can suppose that this extension return the position of thumb in percentage.
Like if your thumb position is half of the slider then it will return 50 mean you have covered the 50% of the slider wether the min and max value are anything

How can i use custom colour itsnot supporting.

May you post your blocks here? That you’re trying.

Are you using inbuilt color blocks?



Reply please @Sumit1334

Can’t you wait sometime.?
I tried the blocks and the error is caused by the extension. It looks like some datatype issue. I will soon check it and post a solution.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well your recent extension are amazing and this one is really awesome.
I think you are just gonna give a powerful challenge in UI to @nikzdevz .
And @nikzdevz i am just setting u as an example so don’t take it otherwise.

Check out this animation

hi @Sumit1334
how can set min value and max value can be possible ?
i will use of component opacity but opacity possible only 0 to 1 value.

There is nothing like this in this extension.
You can use Start Text Or End text as min and max value but they will only be shown to UI. When you get the slider position then it will always retun you the result between 1 and 100. Then you can calculate it by little divide or multiply blocks.
For example, if min value = 0 and max value = 1.
Then if current position is half of the slider then it will return 50 and you can calculate the value by this

max value(1) / 100 = 0.01 × current position(50) = 0.50
And this say you will get your position.

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@Sumit1334 thanks for reply its works fine :blush:

can you add height option in property awelable only width

ScreenshotFluid Slider Extension

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And if i have a min value diferent of zero?

Is a nice extension, thanks.
Is there any way of avoiding the gap over the slider? I tried with all kind of align values and nothing works. I leave here some examples of configuration and results on Companion, but is the same for apk. It would be nice to fix this.
Thanks in adavance.
Configuration 1:

Configuration 2:

Configuration 3: