[Free] Fluid Slider Extension - An extension for creating beautiful sliders in apps

There is nothing like this in this extension.
You can use Start Text Or End text as min and max value but they will only be shown to UI. When you get the slider position then it will always retun you the result between 1 and 100. Then you can calculate it by little divide or multiply blocks.
For example, if min value = 0 and max value = 1.
Then if current position is half of the slider then it will return 50 and you can calculate the value by this

max value(1) / 100 = 0.01 × current position(50) = 0.50
And this say you will get your position.

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@Sumit1334 thanks for reply its works fine :blush:

can you add height option in property awelable only width

ScreenshotFluid Slider Extension

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And if i have a min value diferent of zero?

Is a nice extension, thanks.
Is there any way of avoiding the gap over the slider? I tried with all kind of align values and nothing works. I leave here some examples of configuration and results on Companion, but is the same for apk. It would be nice to fix this.
Thanks in adavance.
Configuration 1:

Configuration 2:

Configuration 3:

When the positions of two sliders are superimposed, the superimposed slider fails. How to solve it.


Wow. Amazing extension for better UI and UX

I did not get you. Please elaborate your issue. Are you asking about the gap/margin between the two sliders? If yes then you can adjust it by Set Margin block but can not hide it because it require the gap for its floating bubble that can not be overlapped.

Thanks You

how to change start value and end value

start and end value is fixed?

You can set them with Set Property block by giving StartText and EndText property blocks.

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but bubble (circle) value still 0-100
how to chang this?

Read the documentation please. All is mentioned there.


This property is used to set and get the text that is located under the bubble or floating circle

if you don’t mind
I am beginner… i want to get data from 0-10 .
according to your block I can set start and end value but bubble value still 0-100 range…
position value is also 0-100
please help me to get value from 0-10 (X-Y)

Hello, this is a great plugin. Thank you. Can you just tell me how to specify its height?

Tested width setting

Tested width setting200,Can be displayed comprehensively. It is difficult to make two sliding bars side by side. Or change it so that the bubble doesn’t slide out of the width of the slider.