Free game triple tic-tac-toe

Dear co-community members,

I wish to share with you the implementation and use of a game after an idea of my son: the well known tic-tac-toe extended to 3 levels.

Main features

  • Hit the upper-right menu in the title bar for the rules of the game.
  • Touch the pencil icon next to the names to edit players name.
  • Hit a circle on the canvas to place your move.
  • Red plays first, unless inversed at the beginning by Change Starter button.

Pay attention when entering players name but you cancel your entry. If your smartphone is set to another language than english, you should modify When Notifier1.AfterTextInput. Set “Cancel” according to your phone language settings.

The game is offered completely free. You may download it (both apk and aia), enjoy it, share it or modify its code to suit your needs.
TriTicTacToe.aia (66.6 KB) TriTicTacToe.apk (5.2 MB)

Credits to the kodular for the IDE.



Nice work… Keep It up dudes… @nikif99


Nice work … appreciated

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Am Most excited of such an idea and it look awesome Nice one Friends

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