[FREE] Google Places Extension

Announcing the Google Places Extension!

Have you ever needed to get a user to select a place in your app? or maybe a suburb or area? Well now you can achieve this using the Google Places API, I have developed an extension to make it easier to get started using Google Places in your app.

The Google Places API has a couple different endpoint that can be used as follows:

  • PlacesAutocomplete API - As a user types into a search box you can automatically use this to load suggestions
  • PlaceDetails API - Returns detail information about the particular business or location the user has selected
  • PlaceSearch API - Enables you to search for a business or location based on a users location or specified latitude and longitude coordinates

I recommend using this extension with my JSONToolsExtension for an easier implementation, and you can view my example project to see how to integrate it correctly.

Find the full documentation and download at Google Places Extension


Great extension :+1:

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Nice Extension Keep it up

Great work! This extension enables beginners to start with great results.

Very usefull extension. GOOD work! Keep it up​:+1:

Hi everyone sorry to bother I just want to ask if this extension was affected by the last Kodular Update Fenix. Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give me.