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GoogleSheetsCSV Extension

Introducing the GoogleSheetsCSV Extension, a powerful tool designed to streamline your Android applications’ interaction with Google Sheets data in CSV format. This extension empowers you to read data from CSV files or URLs, write data to CSV files, and manipulate CSV data efficiently.

Note: Before using the extension, make sure to follow the steps below in your Google Sheets document:

  1. Click on “File.”
  2. Choose “Share,” and then select “Publish to the web.”
  3. In the publishing menu, click on “Web page” and change it to “Comma-separated values (.csv).”
  4. Set the localization to “United States.”


With the GoogleSheetsCSV Extension, you can:

  • Read Data From CSV URL: Retrieve data from a specified CSV URL and trigger events to handle the data.

  • Write Data to CSV File: Prepare and write data to a CSV file, creating or overwriting its contents.

  • Manipulate CSV Data: Perform various operations on CSV data, including counting occurrences of substrings, replacing substrings, and more.

  • Access and Modify CSV Content: Get specific values from CSV data or modify it to suit your application’s needs.


The GoogleSheetsCSV Extension provides a range of blocks to facilitate your interaction with CSV data. Here are some key blocks:


You can download the GoogleSheetsCSV Extension AIX file here (Version 1.0):
io.googlesheetscsv.aix (15.6 KB).

Your support is greatly appreciated. If you find this extension valuable and wish to contribute to its development, you can make a donation here.

Example Project

Explore the capabilities of the GoogleSheetsCSV Extension by downloading the example AIA file:
GoogleSheetsCSV.aia (24.3 KB).

For questions or assistance, you can reach out on Telegram.

Collaborate and Contribute

Hello fellow developers,

I’m thrilled to share the GoogleSheetsCSV.java file with all of you. This file contains the core code for our GoogleSheetsCSV Extension, a powerful tool for working with Google Sheets data in CSV format in Android app development. I believe that open collaboration can help us make this extension even better.

Feel free to review the code, make improvements, fix any issues, or extend its functionality. Your contributions and feedback are highly valuable.

You can find the GoogleSheetsCSV.java file here on GitHub.

Let’s work together to create a top-notch extension for seamless Google Sheets CSV data interaction in Android apps. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Thank you very much for your contribution.

I believe that open collaboration can help us make this extension even better

Since you want to share your code, please add a license, like the MIT or other open software license and put it on top of your source code.

MIT license

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The extension requires WRITE permission for all directories (including the ASD) on all Android versions, including Android 11+.

  1. There is no WRITE permission more on Android 11+ and
  2. WRITE permission is not required for Shared folders on Android 11+ and
  3. Storage permissions are no longer required for the ASD since API 19 (Android 4.4, KitKat).

So just remove this permission stuff and leave it to the user to request WRITE permission themselves if necessary. And this is only required on Android ≤ 10 anyway.


Ok! Thank You!

Great! Thank You!

GitHub GitHub - iagolirapasssos/GoogleSheetsCSV: Extension for Google Sheets (CSV) - Kodular Creator, MIT App Inventor and Niotron