[FREE] GpsTool Extension

I made an extension to work with the location sensor. it shows some missing data compared to the standard tool.
some additional variables have been created for the GPS positioning status monitor.
it works independently without a standard tool.
tries to get data every second and not by event -location changed-

GpsTool_.aix (10.4 KB)


need some improvements sometimes it shows only 0 instead of latitude, longitude and accuracy so kindly improve these steps

if the signal disappears or is missing, the variables are reset to zero. That was the plan
“// Set values for GpsData when there is no signal
latitude = 0;
longitude = 0;
altitude = 0;
speed = 0;
bearing = 0;
time = 0;”
This is the distinguishing feature from the standard listener :slight_smile: if you were standing still and the signal would disappear, then the speed would be (as an example) It would have remained the same. :slight_smile: in my case, if the signal disappears, the variables are reset, which is more logical and convenient to use :slight_smile:

Nice Work :+1::heart:

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useful. thanks.