[Free] Html Handler Extension

Html Handler Extension

Hello Everyone, Today I created my first extension which is Html Handler Extension for creating HTML Pages & Text. This extension is very small and can be very useful to you as I also made it for making my work easy while working with Html

Picture of all the blocks

Instructions to use extension

All Events working with WebView to Load Html
Some events working with Leble

  • You can create an Html table
  • You can set an Html tag with a label
  • You can create an Html Lable list
  • You can create an Html Audio player
  • You can create an Html Video player
  • You can create an Html Youtube player
  • Also you can create an Html page



Also, we can set only player

Html Audio Player

Html Video Player

Html YouTube Video Player


Working with Lable

We can set the label list

List like a table using the label


Create a table with Html


  • Result

New Update version 1.2

  • Change all blocks naming
  • Add New Blocks
  1. Online html Pdf viewer from google drive file

  2. Online html Pdf viewer

  • Video

Download link here

NOTE: version 1.0- https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1CWhbN4eDfAmFDVQOqWUpAnZ-WP7Xl7N3

Update: version 1.2-https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1gVG3NvPa1J3MX8lVTcP_K-kcn1M6z3No


That is really nice big extension

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thank you for your contribution…
it looks like you are not familiar with the naming conventions, here they are

please adjust your extension accordingly and update the provided screenshots… thank you…

btw. yesterday we received a similar extension

it looks like it is now the time to get more and more html format extensions?


Please add Online pdf file viewer to this extension too

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This will also handle the image and video inside the html tag?


Yes, this is simple image code
For more information HTML Tutorial

Thank you much :star_struck:

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please can you be my mentor?