Html Format Extension [F/OS]

HtmlFormat Docs

This extension helps you write HTML codes and formats text. This extension was developed by JeaFriday!

What is this?

This extension allows you to code html codes quickly and effortlessly. This extension is great for making text bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, resize in a label!


CreateHTML : Creates a basic HTML structure.

Bold : Creates bold text.

Italic : Creates italic text.

Paragraph : Creates paragraph text.

Underlined : Creates underlined text.

StrikeThrough : Creates strikethrough text.

Big : Creates big text.

Small : Creates small text.

SetFont : HTML font creates modified text.

CreateLink : Creates a post with a link.

CreateEMail : Creates a post with a E-mail.

StartItemList : Initializes the list with the item group. If you are using this you should also use the closing block.

StartNumberList : Initializes the list with a set of numbers. If you are using this you should also use the closing block.

AddListItem : Add items to any list.

FinishNumberList : Closing block for number group lists.

FinishItemList :Closing block for item group lists.

CreateTextbox : Creates a text box.

CreateImage : Creates a image.

CreateButton : Creates a button.

Header1-6 : Creates headers of different sizes.

Color Blocks : Color blocks allow you to work with colors. If you don’t want to, you can also use HEX code.

An example usage

I put all the blocks in order by using the ‘join’ block inside the tag.


Test results


Extension not working in webview. So use Label!


Open source codes


I hope you will like it :heart:


I love it :slight_smile:
Can u make styled list and table view ? :blush:

In a word, perfect! Very useful for someone who doesn’t know HTML. It’s also nice that it’s open source… It’s a very nice extension. :heart:

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Thank you so much :heart:

The plugin will continue to be developed. Thank you for your nice comment :sunflower:

any one can show how to use

creat Textbox

Hi ByBug. this is a great extension. I tried it out on a small project and found it doesn’t work when creating a label with dynamic components unfortunately. Is there a way to make it work?

Thank you in advance

Then you can use set properties block of dynamic component extension to work with html.