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i-Pass Saver is a password saver application that stores all your important passwords in one place by encoding them so that no one can access the passwords outside the application.
Application is made on kodular:heart_eyes:


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Thanks to
@Kodular for a great platform
@Shreyash for Phase extension
@luv.ak.tech for Pattern lock extension
@zainulhassan for Alpha Dialogs
@devcafeofficial for Stacked Card view design
@yusufcihan for Dynamic Components extension
@Mohamed_Tamer for Custom Spotlight extension

Make sure to download and give application a review Thanks


Thank you for using my extension btw if you want you can customize the pattern lock also.

Btw great app :clap:

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You are welcome @luv.ak.tech

can you guide me

Good Job @Aditya_Nanda
are you saving passwords on server? If yes, then how much secure are that?
just wondering :blush:

And thanks for credit

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the extension already has properties to do so you can check it out.

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Passwords are stored on the users device it self and each password is 256bit-encrypted i don’t store on the server as there can be password leak so everything is stored within the application only


Thats good one, I like it :+1:

I’ll install and test that later, but
one more feature would like to suggest here
suppose I’ve saved 100 passwords though ur app, and in case I change my phone, so I won’t go each of the ids/passwords saved to type in new phone, So I want you to make a backup option (text or file) so I can transfer whole list of ids/passwords to new phone easily

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Thanks @devcafeofficial for installing
Backup/restore point is coming in the next update

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Nice work ! Improve your UI design

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Nice App @Aditya_Nanda

Below are some bugs that I came across while using the app.

  1. When the user lauch the app, and if he/she cancel the figer print authentication, then app goes in infinite loading
    The pattern lock is only visible when user takes your app to background and then brings it in foreground again. However if the user kills the app, then again on the launch of the app the same initial behaviour (infinite loading) is observed. The Screen-recording is big, so cannot share here. Let me know if you need the steps to reproduce this bug

  2. On pattern lock screen if user press devices’ back button then the screen is initialised again

  3. The pattern lock is even accepting a dot as a lock pattern. For example if I tap on any dot then the pattern is accepted. This may be extension related bug though

  1. When we tap on any saved password and cancel the authentication then the saved password in your app goes invisible. It is only visible when user launches the app again

Thanks @Vaibhav

Yes I need them
and all these bugs will be fixed by next update

Little busy now. Will let you know later

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Below are the steps.

  1. Install the app
  2. Launch it by tapping the icon
  3. Wait for fingerprint authentication dialogue to appear
  4. Once it appears cancel it by tapping anywhere on the screen or you can simply press device’s back button
  5. Observe that the app goes in infinite loading. Instead it should display pattern lock
  6. Now, just tap the device’s home button (the one at the center) to send the app to background.
  7. Once in background, bring the app in foreground by tapping the icon or by selecting your app from Recent activity screen. This time the pattern lock is displayed.

Note that the same behaviour of infinite loading is observed when you kill the app and lauch it again

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@Vaibhav Thanks but the app doesn’t go in infinite loading and it displays the fingerprint lock again after 5 seconds
and I haven’t designed it to open other screen

Thanks again for this as this bug exists
here is recording of fingerprint lock:-

What should I do should I display fingerprint again or pattern screen ?

For me it never displayed the Retry after 5 seconds toast message. It just went into loading

I waited on the same screen for about 15 seconds

@Vaibhav Can you tell me your android version?

Android version - 11

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Is app removed from play store ?

fine for me -

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Nope its there