[FREE] IP Checker Extension

Short description

This is a simple extension to get user IP and IP information. You can get current user IP and use it to get IP information or you can get IP Information for any custom IP. This extension uses Ipify and Ip-api to get IP info.

Picture of all the blocks

Instructions to use the extension


Use this block to get IP of current user


This event will return the IP of current user as text


Use this block to get IP info given IP

This event will return IP info of given IP

Example Blocks

This will get IP of current user



This will get current user IP and IP info



IPChecker.aix (10.0 KB)

Test.aia (72.3 KB)


Nice Keep it Up :+1::+1::+1:

Hi, which API does this extension use? Can you please mention the Website’s name?

Already mentioned here.

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Thanks for mentioning, Keep up the good work.

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Well-done, but it can be achieved through web GET request to achieve what we need. http://ip-api.com/json/

Yes, it can be done with Web component as well. Extension makes it easier.

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