Getting user location and ip address

What should I write there where it says is dictionary

IP address, country and city

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I’m testing

I tested it but where it says ip it says not found

When is this called, before or after you got text from web component

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Called when login is successful to send mail to this user

Sorry still confused

try to understand what @Boban say… this event should trigget after when web got text, thats all


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I want to do something, when I log in to the user account, an e-mail is sent, I want to write the ip address and location in that mail, that’s it.
These are the complete blocks:

simple, create one gobal variable, save the get email in this variable when login success and move the web3 post text into when web2 got text, Keep that blocks as it is in the same place… thats all

How can you get ip before the web get value

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I’m testing

I did as you said, but this time the mail is not sent.

Yes it won’t. Because you have not stored the email in global variable when login success event… Check up

It must. be set global name and not set name

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I didn’t know that, thanks for the info

it worked thanks a lot

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This may help

No, I don’t use plugin I have the right to add 5 plugins, unfortunately there is no premium :sweat:

Ok then better you use web component.

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