Getting user location and ip address

Hi how can I get the user’s ip address and location

Is this related to Kodular?

Click here

Yes, something like this, but the place that says (as) in this link gives an error and says as wrong spelling.

It tells about the network provider name, i am using mobile network so it says my mobile network properly

I’m getting an error like this API:

Show your blocks

Why am I getting such an error?
my blocks


Just use dictionary block, get value of the key

NIs that so?

what are the details you want to extract?


What should I write there where it says is dictionary

IP address, country and city

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I’m testing

I tested it but where it says ip it says not found

When is this called, before or after you got text from web component

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Called when login is successful to send mail to this user

Sorry still confused

try to understand what @Boban say… this event should trigget after when web got text, thats all


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