[FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension

useful function that can be used in filter:


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I can’t download the extension … the website is not opening or working?
any help in that

The website is working, pls try again.

I checked again and it works …

is there away to check if the any data in the table was modifed even the number of rows arenot changed … without getting all the coloumns … and if there any change so start to grab the whole data from the table?

With Baserow it’s possible.

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I hope this is possible with Google sheet

With the help of function Onedit script.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for the excellent extension. I have a little problem with the filter - when I use a string in a text field, it works. But when I try to join several text fields to create a string, then the filter doesn’t work.

Here are the blocks for your reference:



Doesn’t work:

Doesn's work

There is no error message, but the filter either does not return results, or the filtering code is not effective in filtering, and all records get fetched.

The Join method works if the second variable (filterby_subcategory) is given as a text string, but not when it is kept as a variable.

Looks like at least one of the inputs in the filter equation needs to be a text string, both can’t be kept as variables.

Kindly help.

As a workaround, I have made the filters required and stored them in a list, and I then fetch them in the filter field as per the case required.

Thank you.

In that case, click the do it button in both blocks and compare what is missing…

Apologies, the join block is working! There was no relevant row to fetch, so blank rows were being shown, and I mistook that for a flaw.

Here is the filter block that works just as it should:

Filter block for fetching VId lists for all labels

My query can considered as resolved.

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Can i add new data to table top using this??

i have buy premium airtebal subscription one table 50000 row provide me so im use user extension so what entr page size ? 100 Ya 50000

Hello @kevinkun your extension is very good. I have a small suggestion for you, you can add a block wich can create field (coloum) in airtable database. I think it will help people to create direct fields without going in airtable, ya i know for *base id, api key, and table name they have to copy. But massive time they have to go for create coloum and copy, if you give create coloum option so coders can directly create coloum easily :relieved: thanks. My English is poor so is any mistake then forgive me.