[FREE] Kodula - firebase authentication app aia file

(Androteq) #1

What is kodula ?
Kodula is responsive, user friendly & clean designed :firebase:Firebase authentication app template.It support email & google sign in & very less component & blocks used to build it to understand you easily, you can easily customise it.


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A couple of things:

  1. why do i have to create an account to download the aia. Why not just post it here?
  2. why call it kodula of all the names you could have choosen? If the kodular developers have a problem with using that name you also have a problem.

(Philipp Lang) #3

Nice Design but i have a question/Problem. I read in past in developer forum from google that it is not allowed to use a normal button with the name of Googkle. Google want only that you use the Google Logo with a spezific design from them. To change the height and weight is allowed but it is not allowed to change the design.
Did you upload your Project to google? Did they dont say anything about that ?

(Androteq) #4

I’m not sure about that, I maked this app based on a professional app UI designer’s design.you can change according to your requirements

(Philipp Lang) #5

I know i know, As i said its only a question about the dessign of the button. The same is for facebook , to change the FB button design is not allowed, but what happend if you did it.Did google say a word to you or what will happend if you do that.
Its only a wquestion about that. nothing more.
I like the design i would change nothing if i use that it. I like it.

(Androteq) #6

I didn’t published it. I just made it for you all :slightly_smiling_face:

(Daniel) #7

Nice, but I can’t download the AIA

(Sharad Ranjan) #8

Nice UI but,
Link is not working, why not post your aia here?


when i click on download aia link,then a zip is downloaded but nothing is inside the zip file

unlisted #10


I unlist this until aia is posted on a more adequate place.

(Androteq) #12

Aia is downloadable & it is visible. Unlist after seeing the problem

(Androteq) #13

I have corrected all the things.

listed #14

(Shubham Chaudhary) #15

its not working for me plzhelp me

(Androteq) #16

What is not working?

(Androteq) #17

If have you any suggestions, request or questions about this application reply me.:slightly_smiling_face:

(.) #18

Where you create these professional screenshots please tell me

(Androteq) #19

I have made it with my phone

(.) #20

Which app you use?