[FREE] Kodula - firebase authentication app aia file

when i m seleting google account then its not opening any other screen only showing an alert that is google and when i restart the app again its again asking for login

You have to add your screen

can you please make your app as a demo app with 2 screen and modify your aia

and also

downloading aia link is not working

I have given link of my site from where all can get AIA file

You still have to make an account. I list it only if you can get it somewhere without registration.


I have putted direct download link

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And don’t disable/delete direct link again, never.


How to Reset password

Great example!

I noticed that you used a animation-w591-h420.json file!
How to run this file in order to work with the screens?

Where can I found more animations files like this?

Thank you.

You cafind more files like this from lottie site

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This: Lottie
or this: https://lottiefiles.com/


I use Lottie files from here


Use his link

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Where can I find the link without registration? I can also access googlecalendar

If you are that anxious to find the new aia link…

Why do I need to register?

I registered, I downloaded but the .zip file is empty

not work