[Free] Label flag and underline. My 8th extension

Now u can flag the label and underline ,flag selected words, and remove flag


com.varsha.FlagLable.aix (5.7 KB)
Just I uplaod new feature now u can highlight text with color and change

**new update version 2 **
Thanks to @ Silver for suggesion SetLetterSpacing block with code .
Now u can set font bold/italic, set selected text bacground color, change selected text font size , set line spacing

  1. Typeface.NORMAL = 0;
  2. Typeface.BOLD = 1;
  3. Typeface.ITALIC = 2;
  4. Typeface.BOLD_ITALIC = 3;
    com.varsha.FlagLable.aix (7.0 KB)

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Good extension :+1:t2:
Keep it up!!
Can you add Highlight feture it will be great


Ok just give me 10 minutes I upload extension with this features


Great extension :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Seems too easy for you
I made an extension (add and subtract) in an hour but it didn’t worked​:sweat_smile:

BTW nice extension :+1:


very nice extension @varsha

i think you should add some more features like

  1. Set bold / italic selected text
  2. Change text size of selected text
  3. Change font type of selected text



Good extension @varsha keep up update:+1:t2:

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:+1:t2: :+1:t4:


looking forward to your next update

hope come soon

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I’ll add this feature today morning because I just shutdown my pc

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and one more request can you make same type of thing for text box

of course if possible

I thing possible I’ll try …

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No I dont have knowledge of this languages

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Great work! Can you tell me what’s the difference between using HTML and your extension? Kinda curious how your extension works :smiley:

In my extension u no need knowledge of html . U can do this shortcut to set direct parameters as per ur choice for results and this extension is fully base on java code

The one styling attribute that can’t be done with blocks is “justify text” in a label, all the others, in this extension, can be done with blocks. Now if you can do justify text…

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Nice to see it’s already implemented

Appreciate the good work done by you.

But could it not possible to implement change selected font’s type to imported font ttf

Nice Extension !! Very Useful For Apps Like Notepad !!

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Really nice extension!!:+1:
I only have one small question.
Would this also be possible with a textbox? I would be really happy. Thanks a lot!

No not possible?