[FREE] ListUtilz Extension - A powerful lists management extension

Yes, it may crash the app if the list is too large and device is not able to handle it.

thank you for your amazing extension
if you can add a sort indices sort list as you do in the filtre list async that will be usseful

provide an example.


like that and also if its posible to add sort ZtoA
yes i see this but i want the indices as like as in the asynchronfilter (filtred list) and (filtredindices)

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also if you can make this

that will solve the biggest problem in reading csv file and saving
(im trying to make extension that read csv file and save asynchrone)

Sort list A to Z is already added. See.

Do you want it to be Async and also return results in an event with sorted list and sorted indices?

If Yes, I will add it.


I will create separate extension for csv files.


Great , if you do :smile:

Updated V4


Great Option , thanksDear

oh that great.
Thank you so much for this option I am grateful

It is possible to sort a table by a column?
Like this example:

1, venus, 2
3, sun, 1
2, moon, 3

Sort by column 2:

2, moon, 3
3, sun, 1
1, venus, 2

Great extension!

if you can add Frequency of item
like this extension
Toolliste(7).aix (5.3 KB)

input a list containing names ,some of which are repeated , the required extension gives an ordered liste of name frome the highest frequency to the least frequent

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what does your extension do? can you explain with example.

You can use a sheet to work with column and rows.

May you give me an example how to sort with this method? Thanks!

Who is the author of that extension?
Was it already published somewhere?
Do you have a link to its documentation?


I needed in my app and I created , just all :grinning:

How to use this list to do filtering while retain its header row

Which header?