Free Maharashtra State Board TextBooks of 1st - 10th Class & Learning Video System

(Vishal Sharma) #1

Maharashtra State Board Books is available in English Language
This apps contains the all the Maharashtra State Board Books in English Medium Language from class 1st to 10th for OFFLINE use.
App also Provides Navneet Textbook from class 1 to Class 10 in English Languages.
With the super convenient offline mode, you can save all Textbook.
Once downloaded, you can access Learning Video & Online Watch System on this App.


  • Maharashtra Textbooks 1st to 10th Class
  • Navneet Textbooks 1st to 10th Class
  • Books are in PDF format
  • Books can be used in OFFLINE mode
  • Easy Readability with all mobile devices
  • Change font size
  • All books are FREELY accessible from this application
  • Learning Video in This Application
  • Easy to access

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Free App Download Link:- NavneetBooks.apk (7.7 MB)

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(K M Shah) #2

nice app… i want to make like this in gujarati…

(David Ningthoujam) #3

I really liked your app, btw don’t forget to thank kodular staffs :heart_eyes:

(Advika G) #4

it is a nice app, but it has many bugs. when we start the app, update notification appears, but after click on install, nothing works. Make it optional for user, to update or not. App is crashing several times. Also, do not give external link for pdf files, make available to read within the app itself.