FREE Management and the Stock Market Game (Simulator)

First Game: Borsa Simulator
In this game, I wanted the players to compete with other users by investing in currencies by developing a factory.

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borsasimulator.apk (7.9 MB)

The game starts with managing a level 1 factory with one employee. The money value that each factory level gives to the user is different. The number of employees of the factory can also be increased with different wages.

Foreign Currency
You can see the real currency and coin data in the game via the internet. You can invest your Turkish liras obtained from the factory in foreign currency and earn income by spending it whenever you want.

Although this part, which is a multiplayer feature, is still under construction, we would like to say a few things. In this section, you can invite the users in the game to the share you have created by sending an invitation request. Users in the stock can increase the value of the stock by investing in their community (currency, euro, coin, etc.), and this can change your place in the world ranking. In addition, it can increase the share value by trading in the real share values ​​of companies that are described as real-life world giants. At the end of the week, all the value collected in the stock will be shared equally among all users in the stock. Users will be able to track the money they spend on this share and the money coming to it, the founder of the stock will be able to prohibit users who invest less in the stock from receiving money for a limited time, or kick them out of the stock. Thus, we aim to maintain a fair game management.

Reference and Promotion
Users will be able to earn money both for themselves and the owner of the reference they use by using their friends’ reference codes on the login page. In the promotion part of the game, he will be able to earn extra income by using the game codes sent from the game’s instagram or notifications.
For promotion :

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