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Extension component for MixPanelAnalytics. Created using Rush.

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📦  com.yash.mixpanel.mixpanelanalytics.MixPanelAnalytics
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Method Blocks


Initialize -
token input type text


NewEvent -
eventname input type text
events input type dictionary


SimpleEvent -
eventName input type text


AddUser -
name input type text
email input type text


ForceSend -


UpdateUserDetails -
details input type dictionary

Sample Blocks

Put this block always in the screen initiaize

This block is used to record single event without any value for ex- When Specific task is completed.

This block is used to record multiple event with values for ex- User Behaviours.

This block is used to Add User in the user list to perform many operations like filtering Specific users like Premium Users etc. Name and email are very basic details to add user.

This block is used to add or update details about user like status,last action,last online time, it depends what you want to record about your user.
Some Default parameters -

  1. $created - it defines when user data is created.
  2. $phone- field for storing phone numbers.
  3. $avatar- field to change profile in userdatabase.
    You can create your custom parameters also by writing any key you want.

Use this block to send all data to server immediately to mixpanelserver. generally mix panel update database when user come again to app or when the app stop or when activity is not in foreground so this block works when you want to trigger very important event so put it below the event block.
NOTE- Don’t use this block too much or with every event block because it force the app to send the details immediately.

PLANS - Free + Premium https://mixpanel.com/pricing It gives free access to first 100k Unique Users.

This docs is generated from AIX Docs - Cttricks.

Why use MixPanelAnalytics instead of firebase -

Note - Why use MixPanelAnalytics instead of firebase -
Mixpanel and Firebase Analytics are not the only analytical tools out there, but they are two very popular ones.
Mixpanel is perfect for analytics reports where event and user data for a platform are important. For bootstrapping or economical companies looking for a reliable but free platform, Mixpanel should be the best option as they cover a lot of analytical ground. This is also perfect for SaaS companies, both small and big.

Features - 1) Mixpanel’s ease of use is easily their best feature, allowing you to quickly create graphs with a few point and clicks. Their UI is also fairly snappy and well-designed.
2) Tying together events with user attributes allows you to properly segment users into cohorts which can then be tracked individually. Proper segmentation is where most analytics solutions earn their keep.
3) Primarily Focus on UserBase operations.

How to get token

Signin with google or whatever you want

Fill Basic Details

Give your app name(Anything what you like) in Project Name.

Click on setting icon and select your project

Scroll Below .here is your project token copy and paste in the block

Preview Of Analytics

ALL Events



Realtime Events Counts

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Amazing extension. :heart:

Thanks @nikzdevz for your kind review :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Interesting. need test :grinning:

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Nice Extension

I am now implementing your extension in my app and noticed that each event is reported several times (even when the event was only reported once)
You can see in the following image that there are 15 reports for the event: “A question has been added” (you can see that all the events were reported at the same time, in addition after a test I did in my application I can confirm that the event report was only made once by the app)