[FREE] My first app - Chemistry🧪!

Hi everyone, today I’m going to present my first app published in Kodular Community: Chemistry! :test_tube:

What is the name of your app?

Chemistry (current version: 1.1.4)

Describe your app:

Chemistry is an app where you can get accurate data about all 118 elements in the periodic table. You can get data locally from the app, or search the elements on 3 different browsers: Baidu, Bing and Google. More features are coming out soon.


New Features of My App

  1. Changed the title bar fonts to Serif,
  2. Added function in home screen to access Settings,
  3. New functions in Browser to go back, reload, go home,
  4. Fixed a bug that users cannot change the browser in Browser search (titled Browse a keyword here! ).

App Store/Download link: (Google Drive link)

Also available in my new website in Google Sites: AICode - Chemistry

AIA file (Optional)

Due to copyright reasons, I will not provide AIA file. However, if you have any questions about how I make this app, please PM me.


Tested successfully on Google Pixel 2.

For any questions, please visit my website or PM me. Also, if you like this app, please press the like button below! Thank you very much!


Thanks to everyone who use my app!

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Nice app @Gordon_Lu :+1: :heart:

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@Yashsehgal022 Thanks!

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