[FREE] My new free simple Extension ImageShape

There are all different kind of shapes that you can build.




Nice extension

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Awesome work. Congratulations.

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How to combine image cache

I don’t understand what you want to say

Its not possible to combine it with an Image Loader. Maybe @varsha can make it to Create a View with an existing Image View but he don´t have to.

Nice extension! What if we want to replace the image with just a plain color? Is this possible?

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not possible but i m working on another extensions so u can design your own custom ui background view without images set 90% extension done , have to set property will release in 2 days

for example …something like this

or better then this


This looks awesome! :+1:

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Nice Extention :ok_hand:

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I want to download it but it is not allowed to enter

what extension you used ?
It’s looks awesome…

the link not found

HI!! Looks greats! but the link doesn’t work… :smiling_face_with_tear:

I would like to get the extension link but it is offline help me community