[Free, no Ads] Ajoyib ALIFBO - A Memory game for kids to learn the Uzbek Alphabet

1. Intoduction

App Name: Ajoyib ALIFBO [eng. Amazing ALPHABET]

It’s a Memory game to learn the Uzbek Alphabet. This game is for kids.

The App is fully free and you will not be disturbed by any Advertisements.

2. Some Facts

2.1 There are a total of 4 Screens in my App.

In these Screens, there are following components:

2.2 Visible Components:

  • 63 Buttons

  • 29 Horizontal Arrangements

  • 16 Spaces

  • 18 Images

  • 14 Labels

  • 4 CardViews

  • 5 Vertical Arrangements

  • 3 WebViewers

  • 1 YouTube Player

2.3 Non-Visible Components:

  • 18 Clocks

  • 4 TDB’s

  • 4 Decoration Utils

  • 3 ExoPlayers

  • 3 Sounds

and of course,

2.4 How it was built

I began to develop this game in March 2020 in AppInventor 2 where the basic code was done. But then switched to Kodular which I liked so much and the whole customizations are made in :kodular: :heart:

3. Function & UI

3.1 Homescreen

In the Homescreen, you will face three Buttons for Gamemodes, and one button for a YouTube Video which teaches kids the Capital letters of the Uzbek alphabet. You can see the Video below at Videos. :point_down:


3.2 Gamemode “RASMLAR” [engl. “Pictures”]

If you click “RASMLAR” [engl. “Pictures”] on the Homescreen, you will find yourself in the first gamemode, which is Memory game with simple Pictures.

3.3 Gamemode “HARFLAR” [engl. “Letters”]

If you click “HARFLAR” [engl. “Letters”] on the Homescreen, you will find yourself in the second gamemode, which is Memory game with the letters of the Uzbek alphabet.

3.4 Gamemode “HARFLAR va RASMLAR” [engl. “Letters and Pictures”]

If you click “HARFLAR va RASMLAR” [engl. “Letters and Pictures”] on the Homescreen, you will find yourself in the third gamemode. This Gamemode is a bit tricky, because your task as a child will be to play a Memory game where you have to pair the right letters with the right pictures. As under the pictures are the names of the things what the pics are showing, you can easily play this Gamemode as an adult / not-:baby:

3.5 Other features

3.5.1 Homebutton

The Homebutton is present on all Screens except the Homescreen.

3.5.2 Sound

The whole game has no background music, but has reaction sounds. If you didn’t find a pair, you will hear a voice like e.g. “topolmading” [engl. “you didn’t find it”]. If you found a pair, you will get a motivating voice feedback, e.g. “barakalla!” [engl. “good job!”]. There are several kinds of voice feedbacks for each case (found and not found). Voice feedbacks of corresponding case are picked randomly.

3.5.3 Stars

You will get a star for every pair you found. No other actions with it are done, maybe in future there will be a count of all stars already got. Maybe.

3.5.4 End of round

If you found all six pairs, you will find yourself in this “Screen(actually just arrangements made visible/unvisible :nerd_face:) It shows you that you’re done with the round, and stats how efficient you played. As always, an “Again” button is present.

NATIJA” means “result”, “YANA” means “again:nerd_face:

4. Videos

Play Store Sneakpeek video

My YouTube Video teaching Uzbek Alphabet


The app is published on Google Play Store, here is the link:

6. Credits & Thanks

All images, graphics and sounds are self-made. The pictures for the game are from my own YouTube Video, for better recognition of the two Media by me. All other images are made by myself in Inkscape. All sounds are self-recorded. The only sound that is not made by myself is the page flipping sound, and it’s free.

I want to say “Thank You” to:

  • @Shreyash for developing such a great extension named Phase

  • @Mateja and @WatermelonIce for being my beta testers

  • Kodular for giving soo many people the chance to be a developer and have fun with programming :pray:



Best application @Yoshi
Super Work!!


Alas! If this was in English!

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In Hindi language, Natija/Nateeja also means “result”.


In hindi watermelon is called tarbuj and in his language it is called tarvuz


Have you used percentage for the height property for these buttons?

Yes, it’s all responsive (hopefully). Report if there are any bugs.

Well, Uzbek is similr to Arabic, but also to Persian. :grin:


I don’t think so, on it should look the same as on the screenshot, and on my phone, which it isn’t. I have a really small device so I will see if the sizing is responsive.

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Dear Friend
congratulations for this app :+1:

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  1. The alphabets/images appears to somewhat compressed (marked in above image)

  2. The white space is more in my device compared to your provided screeshot (marked in above image)

  3. The green block is also not utilising the full width of screen ( there is some space on both sides)


Really good job the interface needs improvement

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A very nice app, good job!!!:+1:

Great work. @Yoshi
But couldn’t understand its language.

If you Don’t know Uzbek, how could you what this app says?

I was able to understand the concept.


I added the tag you requested.


Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Nice game btw!

This is a bug. I will face this in a later update. Thank you for your help.

Well,this is responsive to your screen size.

I forgot to make it rectangular but it still is set to default. :man_facepalming: