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Onesignal - Push Notification

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This is a secure push notification app for mobile & websites
you can send push notification any time any where.just need rest api key or app id of your onesignal. its easy to use. no need to give special permissions on the app.

~>What can be send in onesignal notifications?
1.Notifications Title
2.Notifications Message
3.Notifications Segment Selection
4.Big Picture With URL & Upload Option
5.Notifications Icon (large icon & small icon)
6.Launch URL (When Click Notifications)

Please give us 5 star rating if you like this app. thank you


App Store/Download link:

New Features

  1. Bug Fixed
  2. Player ID stored on tiny DB

AIA file (Optional)


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Onesignal doesn’t subscribing user how can we send notification

I know that, This problem will be solved one day. I made it in advance

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Here official language is English so don’t post anything in your local language.
Use PM to talking in your local language !

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Is this app store our api keys?

This app saves API key? Then I think it’s unsave.

@Avijit ok boss

@Cheatex yes api key or app id save on tiny_DB storage

@guri221111 All the personal information you have is stored On Tiny DB
I have not user any firebase store or airtable storage this application
So you can safely use this application

maybe you should use the word “message” in the app instead of “massage”

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Thank you very much

I keep having this problem too

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